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The GE Dehumidifier is one of the best brands you could consider if you are looking at portable models available in the USA today. It is highly rated by consumers in many reviews, which is among the reasons why it is one of the five brands I recommend to visitors on this site.

All the units in the GE Dehumidifier range are effective, reliable appliances with good, all round performance and stand comparison with any of the other leading brands. As a bonus they are of attractive appearance and competitively priced.

We are happy to recommend the GE range for use in areas ranging from basements to bathrooms and are confident that the GE Dehumidifier is among the best models you could choose for your home.

Company Background

The GE Dehumidifier is one of the leading brands for use in the home and is distributed by a corporate giant with diverse business interests. In 2010 Forbes, the respected business analysts, rated The General Electric Company (GE) the World's second largest company.

GE was formed in 1892 by the merger between Thomas Edison's "Edison General Electric" and The "Thomas-Houston" company. Since that time GE has developed businesses in the fields of power generation, computers (until 1970), aero engines and many more.

Perhaps less widely known, the company founded the "Radio Corporation of America (RCA) although the two companies separated in 1930. RCA rejoined GE in 1986 and with it came the NBC television network in which GE retains a 49% share.

One of GE's many subsidiaries is GE Consumer and Industrial which, as "GE Appliances" is a major supplier of kitchen and household goods including cookers, washers, refrigerators, air conditioners and purifiers, among many more including, of course, the GE dehumidifier.

The GE range includes the following models:

The 65 Pint GE ADER65LN


The ADER65LN is the champion so far as water collection is concerned extracting up to 65 pints per day. It is the heaviest of the four models in the range and will use the most energy. If you need a powerful machine this could be the one for you.

The ADER65LN is suitable for use in a medium to large sized basement, provided that the ambient temperature is typically above 65°F. In a cooler basement portables are less effective and much less energy efficient. For cool basements a purpose built basement model will be much the better choice.

Read my review of the ADER65LN

The 65 Pint GE ADER65LP


The ADER65LP is the successor to the highly regarded ADER65LN, one of the best in the market. From a user's point of view the two models are virtually identical and this unit will undoubtedly uphold its predecessor's excellent reputation. Like the ADER65LN this unit is Energy Star® qualified.

Read my review of the ADER65LP

The 50 Pint GE ADER50LN


If your moisture control needs can be comfortably met by a 50 pint dehumidifier the ADER50LN may suit you best. Weighing 2lbs less than the 65 pint model it also uses less energy to operate. The ADER50LN shares the appearance and exterior dimensions of its "big brother" and will operate just as effectively over a slightly smaller area. This appliance is equally suitable for use in a basement but, once again, it will not be the best choice for a cooler basement, below 65°F.

Read my review of the ADER50LN

The 50 Pint GE ADER50LP


The ADER50LP replaces the popular and highly rated ADER50LN. For those seeking an effective and reliable medium capacity unit the ADER50LN has proved to be one of the best available in the market.

The ADER50LP is virtually identical to its predecessor and there is every reason to believe it will be as popular with consumers. While there are few reviews available at present to confirm this we are confident in recommending the Energy Star® qualified ADER50LP to our visitors.

Read my review of the ADER50LP

The 40 Pint GE ADER40LN


For a more compact area the ADER40LN may be the best choice. Still powerful enough for a medium sized area this appliance uses even less energy and comes in a smaller, lighter package. It is a full 7lbs lighter than the ADER50LN and with dimensions 4" shorter and 2" narrower may fit the space available a little better. This unit is every bit as suitable for use in a basement as the larger models in the range but will only be the best to buy if your basement is very small.

Although this GE Dehumidifier uses less energy per hour when in operation its energy efficiency is poorer than that of the larger models and it will not make good economic sense to use this unit in an area for which it is only just powerful enough and in which it runs all or most of the time.

Read my review of the ADER40LN

The 40 Pint GE ADER40LP


The ADER40LP is an Energy Star® qualified, medium capacity unit which replaces the highly regarded ADER40LN. The ADER40LN was one of the best available for smaller areas and the virtually identical ADER40LP will doubtless be as popular and successful.

Read my review of the ADER40LP

The 30 Pint GE ADER30LN


The "baby" of the family is the ADER30LN although at 30 pints per day this "baby" can do just as good a job as any of the others if you have a smaller area to keep dry. The energy consumption of this GE Dehumidifier is the lowest of the four and although it is the same size as the 40 pint model it weighs in at 1lb less.

Read my review of the ADER30LN

The 30 Pint GE ADER30LP


The ADER30LP replaces the popular GE ADER30LN. This new GE Dehumidifier is pretty much identical to the ADER30LN which is highly regarded as effective and we have no reason to believe that the new ADER30LP will be any less effective, reliable and popular than its predecessor.

Read my review of the ADER30LP

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