Dehumidifier Articles

The articles in this collection have been written in response to questions and comments from our visitors, friends and supporters. The topics written about reflect your concerns and seek to meet your needs. Let us know what's on your mind about any aspect of dehumidifiers and humidity control in your home or business.

We seek to provide a comprehensive source of data, and the best informed opinion available about these appliances. Our goal is to offer an objective, informative and independent commentary on a class of product that is not glamorous but is, for many people, essential.

Your questions, your opinions are our inspiration for future articles.

Article 1

My dehumidifier ices up, why?

Most dehumidifiers used in the home are refrigerant models in which water vapor from the air condenses onto a cold surface, the evaporator coils.

Because the coils are so cool ice can easily form on them. This is normal when the appliance is working as it should but it can indicate a problem.

The ambient temperature may be too low for the model you have or it could mean that the appliance has failed. How can you tell?

On this page I explain how to identify the problem and its cause and suggest some possible solutions.

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Article 2

A quiet dehumidifier - is there such a thing?

Wherever users write reviews about these appliances there is one complaint that never fails to appear that goes something like this..."it sucks water from the air like a sponge but it's so darn noisy!"

Why can't they make them quieter? Well, on this page I do my best to explain what causes the noise and how there are some things you can do to reduce the nuisance.

I can't work miracles, there are laws of physics at work here, but there are some things you can do such as choosing the right model, dampening down the sound and restricting the noise to times of the day when it's less annoying.

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Article 3

What is a Low Temperature Dehumidifier?

Whenever you look at the specifications of these appliances you will always see a minimum operating temperature that is just a few degrees above freezing point. So are they all low temperature models? Not a bit of it!

To operate effectively a dehumidifier must have certain features that the typical portable does not. This makes them more expensive to buy but if you don't make the investment you have a piece of useless junk in your basement and it's still too wet down there.

Here I explain what kind of appliance you need for cooler conditions, why it is more effective and why, even though it may be much more expensive than a portable model, it can even save you money.

The good news is that all the best models are made in the USA or the UK which means that most of our visitors can buy a home-built product if they prefer.

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Article 4

Humidity in the House - Too Much or too Little?

Excess moisture in the air is a bad thing. It can be uncomfortable to live with and it allows all kinds of nasties to pollute the air inside your home. This can be particularly hard to live with if you or your kids suffer from allergies or asthma.

On this page I will talk about humidity, how much or how little is good for you, how to monitor it and how to control it.

There are a number of strategies for dealing with high humidity and not all of them involve buying an expensive, noisy beast that lurks in the middle of your basement sucking it all up.

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Article 5

What is a hygrometer? Why would I need one?

You know when there is too much moisture in the air. You feel sticky, your breathing is labored and you find little clues around the house such as sheets of paper that are curling at the edges and spots of mold in the corners of the room.

A more precise way of measuring airborne moisture can be helpful for several reasons. That is the purpose of a hygrometer.

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Article 6

Sizing a Dehumidifier

One of the most common questions asked by visitors to this site is.."how big a unit do I need for a basement of x square feet? Choosing a correctly sized appliance is vital. A model that's too small is a complete waste of money yet how do you know which one will be big enough?

Manufacturers' guidelines are not always as useful as they seem so I what I shall do here is to help you to better understand the issues so you can make an informed choice and buy a model that does the job in your basement.

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Article 7

Dew Point - Why is it important for humidity control?

The dew point is critical to protecting your family and your home from the effects of too much water in the air inside it.

Many of you will know all about this already but for any of you who don't I have provided a straightforward explanation which may help you to make the right choices about humidity control in your home.

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Article 8

Why use a dehumidifier?

This may seem like a strange question. You are probably here because you already think or know that you need one. I am here to tell you about them but I don't want you to buy one if there is no need.

Nobody likes having to buy one of these appliances. They are not pretty, they are not "cool", they cost a lot of dough to buy and even more to run. They can be a godsend for some folks and, particularly for those with allergies, they can be life-changing.

What I try to do on this page is to suggest to you the good reasons for spending you hard earned cash on one of these devices; no sales talk here. If you decide that you don't need one after all that's a result, and a good one!

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Article 9

Use a Dehumidifier Drain Hose
Save Time - Save Money

Most of you are familiar with continuous drainage and have fiddled with a hose to save you the trouble of emptying the bucket countless times every day. What a boon when it works properly!

What may be less obvious, but is at least as important, is that setting up that drainage hose can also reduce your energy bills.

I'm not going to give you all the good stuff here but I hope I've made you curious. Why not click the link below and all will be revealed. :)

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Article 10

Which are the Best
Dehumidifiers for Basements?

The basement is always the place where the need for humidity control is most important. More dehumidifiers are sold for use in basements than for all other areas of the home put together. Unfortunately many of the models chosen are not up to the job and when the wrong unit is chosen it can be an expensive mistake.

I wrote this page for that reason and it is one of the most important on this site. Its purpose is to explain how the conditions in your basement are at least as important as its size when selecting the right appliance.

I hope when you have read what I have to say you will be in a better position to make the right choice for your basement and will avoid the costly mistakes that I hear about every day.

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Article 11

Top Five Portable Dehumidifiers

Choosing the right model is always difficult. When you search on the net almost all of the sites that pop up are retailers trying to sell you an appliance, any appliance! If you visit enough sites you will soon see that most of the "information" on these sites is sales copy from the manufacturer, reproduced word for word.

What I am attempting here is to present the five portable models which, on balance, are better than the rest. I explain how I picked them and present all five, unranked, so you can make a choice from a manageable number of good quality products.

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Article 12

Dehumidifier with Pump - Reviews and Ratings

When you get home with the new portable for your basement one of the first things many of you do is to attach a hose to allow the water to drain to a nearby floor drain or sump. No more buckets to empty; whoopee!

But what about those of you who don't have a floor drain? You need a pump to push the water to a more distant or higher level outlet. You can buy a separate pump of course but there are a few portable models with internal pumps. Let me tell you more about them.

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Article 13

A Small Dehumidifier
Is Small Always Beautiful?

One of the disadvantages of these appliances is their size and weight. If you have to build in a compressor, evaporator and condenser coils, fan, motor and a bucket they are not going to be small and feather-light!

There are, of course, smaller models available but to make them small manufacturers have to make compromises. Compromise simply means that what you gain has to be balanced by something you lose and the purpose of this page is to explore the gains and losses so you can decide whether a small unit is the right choice for you.

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Article 14

Energy Star Dehumidifier

When you're on the lookout for a new portable for your home you probably want one that is "Energy Star qualified". Everyone knows that this means that the appliance meets a set standard for energy efficiency and will cost less to run than an equivalent without that qualification. So, that must be the one to pick?

As with so many things in life it is not quite that simple. On this page I will set out the reasons why relying only on Energy Star qualification does not always lead to the best buying decision.

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Article 15

50 Pint Dehumidifier

After the 70 pint 50 pint units are the most popular portables in the USA. Although less powerful their capacity is sufficient for many small and medium sized basements so this is hardly surprising.

On this page I shall consider the pros and cons of choosing a 50 versus a 70 pint portable. You may be surprised by my conclusions; they may even change your mind.

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Article 16

Best Bathroom Dehumidifier
Reviews and Ratings

Controlling humidity in a bathroom is a non-issue for many of you but for some it can be a real problem. Where extractor fans and simple ventilation are not sufficient, sometimes not even an option, a small capacity unit for your bathroom may be the only solution.

There are special problems in a bathroom, not least of which is the danger of water splashes; not good when an electrical appliance is involved! Here I shall discuss these issues and make my suggestions of the best choice for your bathroom.

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Article 17

Best Mini Dehumidifier
Reviews and Ratings

You have a problem with humidity somewhere in your house. Someone tells you he can supply you with a tiny, "whisper quiet" device that will suck up all the moisture you're so worried about. Great, you don't need one of those huge noisy brutes after all.

Hmmm, I'm tempted to say that this reminds me of the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow; a charming fairy tale but a fairy tale nevertheless. Come look at my page on this; I promise it doesn't begin with "Once upon a time". :)

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Article 18

The Top 5 Basement Dehumidifiers

Controlling basement humidity is often a problem and many of you visit this site for information about how to solve it. There is nothing more challenging than choosing the right model for your basement. Do you spend $250 or so on a standard 70 pint portable or do you swallow hard and hand over more than $1000 for a specialized basement model.

On this page I assume that you have grasped the nettle and are ready to pay the big bucks. The next question is what is the best choice for my basement? I've tried to make the task of choosing a little simpler by picking my Top 5. Come and see which ones I've picked and let me know if your choice would be the same as mine.

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Article 19

Energy Efficient Dehumidifier
A Paradox Explained

Everybody wants to avoid unnecessary expense and we all want energy efficient appliances for that reason. Making the right choice isn't as easy as it sometimes appears. The Energy Star label, great though it is, is not enough to guarantee that a particular product will be the least expensive to run.

On this page I want to take you a little deeper unto this question, clarify the key issues and help you to pick the most energy efficient solution for you humidity problem.

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Article 20

GoldenRod Dehumidifier
Reviews and Ratings

You may never have heard of the GoldenRod but if you keep firearms in a gun safe or have another small, enclosed storage space for high value, moisture sensitive items it is a product you should know about.

The GoldenRod does not remove moisture but simply heats the air within a small enclosure thereby raising the dew point and preventing condensation. I won't try to explain it all here; just click on the link below to find out.

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Article 21

Eva Dry Dehumidifier Reviews

Eva Dry supplies two types of appliance. One is a miniature version of a regular portable but using a different refrigeration system while the second is a container of water absorbing silica gel. The silica gel units can be "recharged", a bit like your cell phone.

Both types are only suitable for very small areas. I recommend one, the rechargeable type, but not the other. To find out why take a look at my review by clicking the link below.

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Article 22

The Remington Dehumidifier

This unit is a rechargeable model and has a very low water extraction rate. As such it is suitable for very small areas, such as closets and drawers, cars and safes and I recommend it for these and other small enclosed areas. Its particular advantage is that it does not require a permanently attached power cable.

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Article 23

Home Dehumidifiers

On this page I present an overview of humidity problems in the home and the very different types of these appliances that may be suitable to meet each type of problem. These range from tiny rechargeable units that retail for around $30 up to monsters for huge basements which may cost between $1500 and $2500 apiece.

Find out which is best for your home.

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Article 24

What is the Crosley Dehumidifier?

The Crosley range may appear to be another brand and another choice of portable models for your home. In reality the range is identical to a much better known brand and simply re-labelled "Crosley". Find out which brand by clicking the link below.

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Article 25

Amana Dehumidifier Reviews and Ratings

Amana is a well known brand but use of a brand name is not a guarantee that the brand is still manufactured by the company with which you may associate it. Find out where Amana models are made and who makes them by clicking the link below.

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Article 26

Oasis Dehumidifier

In the USA a portable model with true low temperature operating capability is a rarity. The Oasis D165HG is one of the few and, although far from cheap, it may prove popular with users who have to store high value items in cold storage areas.

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Article 27

Dehumidifier Recall
Comfort Aire and Goldstar Models

The headline is self explanatory. Click the link below for more information.

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Article 28

The Stack Effect
Why Crawl Space and Basement Humidity Control Are Important

The stack effect is an expression used to describe how a building acts like a chimney or smoke stack. Read my article to find out how this relates to controlling humidity in your home.

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