Disclosure of Advertising Arrangements

Our site (best-dehumidifier-choice.com) supports its running costs by earning affiliate commissions from the sale of products reviewed or recommended on various pages of this site.

We provide detailed information and strive to offer objective evaluations of a variety of dehumidifiers and related products and we supply this as a free service to our visitors. The modest commissions paid to us help to defray the costs of providing this service.

We review products from a wide range of manufacturers and while we recommend some to our visitors there are many that we advise our visitors not to purchase. It is not in the interests of our visitors or our own to recommend products about which we have reservations. We want our visitors to have confidence in our recommendations so that you will return to this site and invite your family and friends to visit us too.

Best-Dehumidifier-Choice.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

All the advertisements we host for Amazon.com are clearly identifiable so if you click on an advertisement and subsequently purchase from Amazon.com you will be aware that a small fee will be paid to this site. We are grateful for this indirect support for our site but we welcome all our visitors regardless of whether they purchase products via our links or not. If you are interested in a product we recommend but would prefer not to trigger a payment to us the direct link to Amazon.com is here.

In addition to our affiliate links we also earn revenue by means of the Google Adsense Program. Unlike an affiliate program the income we receive is generated simply when an advertisement is clicked by a visitor. No purchase is necessary and we do not receive additional revenue if you make a purchase from the advertiser. The advertisements are placed with Google by merchants and Google receives a fee from the advertiser. Google then places the advertisements on suitable web pages and pays the "publisher", the web site on which the advertisement is placed, if and when it is clicked. We have much less control over the advertisements which are placed under the Adsense program and the publication of these advertisements on our site does not confirm or imply our endorsement of the product or service being offered.

We do have control over where these advertisements are placed and do our utmost to ensure that they are clearly identifiable as third party advertisements and are not part of the content generated by us for our web site.

Whether you buy a product from our affiliate partner, Amazon.com, or as a result of clicking a Google Adsense advertisement you will not pay more for your goods or services than if you had bought directly from the merchant.

This site is, first and foremost, a provider of information and we welcome all visitors regardless of whether their actions on this site contribute to our running costs. Secondly, the contributions we value most highly are your comments, questions and other submissions which enrich our site and enhance the experiences of future visitors. If, as a bonus, you contribute indirectly to our revenue then we thank you for enabling us to maintain this site for you and other visitors.

We wish to make it clear that we do not accept payment, in cash or in kind, for publishing reviews of any product. Our reviews are not influenced by the prospect of financial gain and are entirely independent and as objective as we can make them. We also accept no payment for providing links to other web sites and so only include links to those web sites which we believe our visitors will find useful.

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