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Company Background

The Sunpentown Dehumidifier is distributed by Sunpentown International Inc., better known as SPT, a small company which designs and manufactures a wide range of home appliances.

Founded in 1993 it is headquartered in City of Industry, California. Its products include a wide range of kitchen appliances, air cleaners, air coolers, fans, heaters, window air conditioners and humidifiers.

The Sunpentown range includes the following models:

The 65 Pint SD-65E

  • The SD-65E is the most powerful unit in the range. With a 65 pints per day capacity this unit is suitable for large areas, including basements, with a maximum area of around 1100-1200 square feet.
  • This brand is perhaps less well known than others, such as Frigidaire and GE, but the majority of reviews by users are positive.
  • Many reviewers are very impressed with the effectiveness of this Sunpentown dehumidifier and the speed with which it lowers relative humidity.

  • The most common complaint, and one that comes up very often, is that the SD-65E is noisy, particularly at its highest fan speed setting.
  • The more powerful the appliance the louder the noise it produces. With this unit users must decide which they prefer, a quieter unit that runs for more hours per day or a louder model which does the job more quickly.

Sunpentown SD-65E

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The 46 Pint SD-46T

  • The SD-46T is a very compact unit for its power and relatively quiet with a noise output of 45dB.
  • It is suitable for smaller areas and its small size and low noise level may make it a good choice for use in the main living areas of your home or in a recreational vehicle.
  • This unit has a more effective air filtration system than many other models which not only protects the appliance but also contributes to improved air quality.
  • The SD-46T is operated using electronic controls and includes all the features you are likely to need or want.

Sunpentown SD-46T

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The 40 Pint SD-40E

  • The SD-40E is lower capacity unit but powerful enough for an area of 6-700 square feet.
  • This unit is effective but, like the 65 pint SD-65E, a little on the noisy side. For this reason it would not be my first choice for use in a bedroom.
  • This Sunpentown Dehumidifier will be effective in a basement but please note that this will only apply in a smaller basement. If your basement is larger than 600 square feet or so using a higher capacity model would be advisable.
  • Overall the SD-40E is a competent and effective appliance and a good choice for use in smaller areas in your home.

Sunpentown SD-40E

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The 30 Pint SD-30E

  • The SD-30E is the lowest capacity unit in the range of "full-sized" Sunpentown Dehumidifiers and is best used in areas of around 400 to 500 square feet.
  • This model is really too small for use in most basements and its capacity makes it more suitable for use within the living spaces of a house or apartment.
  • Unfortunately the noise level from this unit is relatively high for its power and if I had to live with a dehumidifier in my bedroom I would choose a quieter model.
  • If the noise level is not an issue for you, or is less important in the room that you need to keep dry, the SD-30E is a sound choice and should give good service.

Sunpentown SD-30E

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The SD350

  • The SD350 Mini Dehumidifier is a very low capacity unit which will only be effective in small, enclosed spaces, such as a closet.
  • It is a "thermo-electric" model that does not have a compressor and is marketed by some sellers as being suitable for a bedroom due to its quietness.
  • This Sunpentown dehumidifier is not powerful enough for even a small bedroom and, although quiet, it is not silent.
  • This is not a type that I am prepared to recommend except in very particular circumstances.

Sunpentown SD350

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The SD652

  • The SD652 Mini Dehumidifier is similar to the SD350 and, although it has a higher water extraction rate, is still too small for use in a room of any size.
  • "Thermo-electric" dehumidifiers are expensive for what they do and although they use little energy in the absolute sense are far less energy efficient than the smallest conventional portable.
  • A more forthright commentator than me might go so far as to describe this type as "merely a gimmick" but I will content myself with saying that I rarely recommend "thermo-electric" models for any purpose.

Sunpentown SD652

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