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The Sears Dehumidifier, the "Kenmore" brand, is distributed by Sears Holding Corporation, the fourth largest broadline retailer in the USA. Sears requires no introduction as it is a long established and well respected company known nationally and internationally. Sears Holdings was created in 2005 by the merger of Sears, Roebuck and Co. with the well known Kmart retailing chain.

Founded in the late 19th Century the company originally distributed its wares by mail order. The first retail store opened in 1925, in Chicago and expanded to become the largest retailer in the US. It had lost the number one spot by the early 1980's, although it has retained its position as the leading seller of home appliances.

The rapid pace of technological development has, in a way, brought Sears full circle. Like most larger retailers it now has a substantial online business, a 21st Century version of mail order sales. The Sears catalogue may no longer be known as "the Consumers' Bible" but the online "catalogue" is just as impressive.

Sears distributes branded home appliances and, in addition, appliances under their own Kenmore brand. The Sears Dehumidifier is, therefore the Kenmore although you may also purchase Frigidaire, DeLonghi, Soleus, Danby and many more brands through nearly 4,000 Sears outlets across North America.

Sears dehumidifiers are not manufactured by Sears which contracts this work to major manufacturers, which have included Electrolux (Frigidaire), LG Electronics and Winix Inc., all well known brands in the market.

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The range of Sears Dehumidifiers includes the following models:

The Kenmore 70 Pint Model

  • The 70 Pint Kenmore unit is the largest in the range and the most popular model for use in a basement.
  • It is suitable for a basement of up to 1200 square feet or so and in many reviews users have reported that this unit effectively controls humidity in basements of around this size.
  • Many users also like the appearance of this Sears Dehumidifier and find it generally easy to use although problems with the removal and replacement of the water collection bucket are common.
  • Other common complaints are more significant. Many users find the appliance noisy and the frequency of these complaints indicates that noise is a bigger problem for users of this model than consumers have found with some other leading brands.
  • The most serious complaints are about units that were delivered with faults or in which faults developed within the first year of use. Once again these complaints about this model are more widespread than I have found with the products of other manufacturers.
  • Taking all these factors into account the 70 Pint Kenmore model would not be my first choice and it is not a unit I can recommend to our visitors.

Read my review of the Kenmore 70 Pint Model

The Kenmore 50 Pint Model

  • This is a lower capacity version of the 70 pint model which uses less power when in use than the more powerful unit.
  • It is capable of controlling humidity effectively throughout an area of around 800 square feet but a 70 pint unit is more energy efficient than a 50 pint model and may be a better choice for an area of this size.
  • In user reviews the comments made are very similar to those I summarized for the 70 Pint version; an effective unit but problems with the bucket, noise and longevity.
  • My recommendation is the same. I would not encourage you to choose this model as there are equally effective units at comparable prices with better reputations that I would choose before this one.

Read my review of the Kenmore 50 Pint Model

The Kenmore 35 Pint Model

  • This is a low capacity unit sufficient for use in an area of 400 to 450 square feet.
  • A unit of this capacity is unlikely to be effective in most basements and if you select one that is not powerful enough for the area in which it is used it will run continuously and energy use will be high.
  • Small dehumidifiers come into their own in rooms within the main part of the home. If you have a problem with damp in a bedroom, for example, a unit of this size is usually more than enough to deal with it.
  • Being smaller it is also a little quieter than a larger model and this is important if you have to live with it. It is also easier to site if space in the room is limited.
  • On balance there are superior lower capacity models available from other manufacturers and my recommendation is to consider Danby, Frigidaire and GE, for example, before choosing the Kenmore.

Read my review of the Kenmore 35 Pint Model.

The Kenmore Elite

  • The Kenmore Elite is at the top of the Sears Kenmore range. Its main advantage over the other Kenmore units is that it has an internal pump to make it possible to use continuous drainage even if you don't have a suitable floor drain nearby.
  • Like the Kenmore 70 pint Model the 70 pint Elite will deal with excess moisture in an area of around 1200 square feet.
  • Reviews of this Sears dehumidifier are similar to those for the other models in the range. The only difference is that to the other complaints failure of the internal pump has been added!
  • It will not surprise you when I say I do not recommend the Elite to you. I will go further and say that a portable home dehumidifier with an internal pump is unlikely to be the best choice for most people.
  • Unfortunately portable dehumidifiers don't last very long. When they break down they have to be thrown away because, almost always, repairs are too expensive or nobody will undertake them. When you throw away a model with a pump you lose the pump as well, and you will have paid extra for it.
  • My advice is to buy another brand. If you need a pump buy one separately. If your appliance dies prematurely at least you still have the 30-40 dollar pump to use with your next dehumidifier.

Read my review of the Kenmore Elite

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