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We wrote our "About Us" page to introduce ourselves to you and to show that there are some real flesh and blood folks behind Best Dehumidifier Choice. We also wanted to let you know why we set up this site and why we believe it will grow to fill a gap in the World Wide Web.

First the introductions. I'm Tom and my partner is Sandra. I write everything that appears on this site and Sandra acts as my "taster". She reads every page before it's published or revised and tells me if the recipe is about right.

Even more important is her moral support and the patient way she copes with being a computer "widow" while I sit hunched over my PC seven days a week.

Why we built Best Dehumidifier Choice

We bought our first dehumidifier around 20 years ago. We didn't do much research at the time and we got what we deserved, a dehumidifier that wasn't up to the job. About nine months later we decided to replace it but this time we thought we'll look into the whole subject thoroughly.

We used the internet and spent weeks trawling through an endless series of sites to find out what we needed to know. We found out more about the internet than we did about dehumidifiers. It quickly dawned on us, naive as we were then, that every site said the same thing about each dehumidifier it was selling; not just the same information, that would be understandable, but exactly the same words!

When we visited the manufacturers' sites we found the same words there too. So the "information" we were reading was just sales copy, reproduced on every seller's or affiliate's site.

I remember Sandra saying, "we could do with a web site that just tells you how it is". I agreed with her but thought no more about it at the time. I was busy with my job in education but what I did do was to keep finding out about dehumidifiers. I'm like a dog with a bone when I start to learn about something new and the more I learn the more I realise there is to know.

I also realised how little most of the sales folks know. The stores that sell dehumidifiers sell all kinds of other stuff and the people that work in them can only know so much about each product they sell.

I found myself being asked by family and friends for information and advice and that spurred me on to learn even more. After nearly twenty years of finding out I became pretty good at it, and it was then that I retired from my job.

I'm in my fifties but problems with high blood pressure didn't fit well with a job that typically took up 60 hours a week, plus travel, but quite often peaked at over 80.

After a long period of idleness, I think it was about two days, I decided I needed a new interest. I don't build or make things, every green thing I touch in the garden turns brown and I've never even held a golf club, so I needed a job. It was a few weeks later when I still hadn't found what I was looking for that my aunt called to ask if I could help her. You guessed it, she needed a dehumidifier for her bedroom and my mum had told her I knew a little about such things.

It was what we call a "light bulb" moment. I suddenly realised that there was a job, not just a job to occupy me but a job that needed to be done. That "site that just tells you how it is" about dehumidifiers was just waiting to be built.

Now, I'm computer literate but I didn't know the first thing about setting up a web site but a happy chance brought SiteSell.com to my attention and these guys have a system which leads you gently by the hand through the whole process.

With SiteSell's help we started Best Dehumidifier Choice in May 2010 and it's now grown quite a bit although it's still small by the standards of the web.

Our ambition is to tell you about how it is, warts and all. If we recommend a dehumidifier it's because we know it will do the job, and we say if there are jobs it can't do, or can't do as well, as some other model.

Our main problem is time, there is only so much you can achieve in a few months so the site grows and improves much more slowly than we would like but, as the Chinese say, "every journey starts with a single step", we'll get to our destination in a year or so.

We believe this site is increasingly filling that gap in the Web, even if only for dehumidifiers. We hope you think so too. If you do share our view that a site like ours is needed and you have a few minutes to spare and would like to help us speed up the process there are some things you could do.

All comments and suggestions about improvements, areas we should cover sooner rather than later, additional information you would like to see, will be gratefully received and acted upon. If you own a dehumidifier model that is still available in the stores you could tell us about its good and bad points; in other words, write a review. It can be as long or short as you wish and we will publish it in your name (just a first name, or a pen name, if you prefer).

Sharing your experience or opinions is easy. You will find an invitation to review a dehumidifier near the top of every review page which will take you to a simple form where you can say your piece.

For more general comments there is a link near the top of the right hand column on most pages inviting visitors to "Make a Comment". If you have a question you will find the "Ask a Question" link in the same place. If you prefer to "talk" to us in private visit our "Contact Us" page, the link is in the bottom section of the vertical navigation bar on the left of every page.

The other way you may help, if you wish, is to spread the word about our site. We are quite new and although we are getting an increasing amount of visitors it is difficult to be "seen" on the Web when there are so many established sites already.

If you mention our site to family and friends, bookmark it on social networking sites, link to it from your Web Site or Blog if you have one, it will help to bring more visitors. We would like to make this site "ours", not just Sandra's and mine but our visitors' too.

The last thing I want to mention on this page is to answer the question many of you will be asking. Is this a commercial site? The simple answer is yes. Yes in so far as we aim to generate revenue from the site sufficient to cover its costs.

We have two ways to raise money. First, you will notice Google Advertisements appearing on pages on this site. For those of you not familiar with Google "Adsense" those ads are paid for by the advertisers and placed on Web Sites by Google. Every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement the advertiser pays Google a small sum of money and Google passes on a proportion of that fee to the "publisher", the owner of the Web Site on which the ad appears. This costs our visitors nothing and nothing has to be bought for the fees to be paid.

The second way is by affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a system by which a link on a Web Site, such as Best Dehumidifier Choice, will open a page on the Web Site of a merchant, such as Amazon.com. If the visitor who has followed the link from Best Dehumidifier Choice to Amazon buys a product from Amazon within a specified number of days Amazon will pay a small percentage "commission" to the publisher, in this example Best Dehumidifier Choice. In this case the visitor has to purchase something for a commission to be paid but it does not make the product any more expensive than if s/he had gone direct to Amazon and purchased the same product.

You will notice affiliate links on some of our pages leading to products we have reviewed. The inclusion of an affiliate link does not amount to an endorsement of the product, in the legal sense. Our reviews of all dehumidifiers will continue to be objective and where we don't believe that a given model is the best buy for a given application we shall make that clear.

Thank you for visiting our site and for taking the time to read this page. I hope you will see our project as positively as we do and we look forward to your next visit and any comment or contribution you may wish to share with us.

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