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The GoldenRod Dehumidifier is a heated rod, one of the best means of preventing corrosion of items stored in cooler areas, inside enclosed containers, and ideal for use in a gun safe. Millions of homes in the USA have a gun safe and many gun owners have written very positive reviews of GoldenRod products.

The GoldenRod is manufactured by a division of BUENGER ENTERPRISES based in OXNARD, CA. Buenger is a small company but its GoldenRod Dehumidifier is very well known, particularly among the owners of firearms. GoldenRod is one of the very few products to come with a Lifetime Guarantee and is completely maintenance free, silent and has no moving parts.

How Does a GoldenRod Dehumidifier Work?

The GoldenRod is quite different from most other humidity control products. All dehumidifiers reduce relative humidity but the vast majority do so by removing water from the air. A GoldenRod Dehumidifier lowers relative humidity by warming the air.

Warming the air lowers relative humidity and, more importantly, increases the difference between the ambient temperature and the dew point. This reduces the probability that water vapor will condense inside the space, damaging the items inside.

The rod contains an electric heating element enclosed in glass tubing and insulated in Vermiculite, a naturally occurring mineral that is widely used for high temperature insulation. This form of construction makes the rod almost immune from damage in normal use and enables Buenger to give theis product a lifetime warranty. The Vermiculite ensures an even heat distribution throughout the rod which contributes to its effective operation.

The GoldenRod Dehumidifier reaches a maximum surface temperature just below 150°F/65°C which would make it a little uncomfortable to hold with an unprotected hand but is well below the level which would ignite any household material, even paper, so is entirely safe.

As well as lowering relative humidity the heat from the rod generates a circulation of air. If mounted, as recommended, on the floor of a storage container such as a gun safe, the warmed air rises to the top of the container. Cooler air replaces it and continuous circulation is established which also helps to prevent condensation. The warmed air expands, increasing its pressure, which prevents cooler air entering the container and preserves the "micro-climate" inside.

What are the Alternatives?

Some posts in forums advocate placing a light bulb in an enclosure, such as a gun safe, to achieve the same effect. While there is an obvious risk of breakage there are other disadvantages.

  • The light bulb is a more concentrated heat source and has a significantly higher surface temperature, as you will know to your cost if you have ever tried to change one without hand protection just after the filament has blown. There is a higher, although still small, risk of combustion.

  • The GoldenRod has a maximum power draw of 38 watts whereas a light bulb may be drawing double that amount. The light bulb is less economical.

  • The light bulb will fail in a matter of months or years. If the enclosure is not checked at regular intervals the contents of the enclosure may be unprotected for days, weeks, even months before the failure is discovered.

  • Low energy bulbs will be more economical but they are more expensive and produce less heat. They also fail; I've had three blow in less than two years despite a guaranteed life of eight years.

On balance a light bulb is a slightly less effective, more energy hungry, less safe and almost certainly a more expensive long term solution when compared with a single GoldenRod, given its lifetime warranty.

A more viable alternative is a rechargeable mini-dehumidifier such as those manufactured by Eva Dry and Remington. This type uses silica gel crystals to absorb water from the air, thereby lowering both relative humidity and the dew point. When the unit is saturated it is recharged by being hooked up to the electricity supply for around 10 hours and may then be reused.

The advantages of the rechargeable type are that it does not need a constant supply of electricity and there is no installation required. It costs a similar amount to buy although its life time is likely to be in the region of ten years, so it will need replacement. It will do the job and we are happy to recommend this type as a satisfactory alternative to a GoldenRod unit.

What About the Installation?

A Golden Rod Dehumidifier does need to be installed. It is supplied with a bracket which should be fastened to the floor of the enclosure and then the appliance can be snapped into the supports. The rod must be mounted horizontally for full effect.

The power cable must be passed through and connected to an electric socket. This may require a hole to be drilled to allow the cable to be connected and the plug is detachable in order to make this possible. Many gun safes are supplied with a pre-drilled hole in the casing to enable the installation of a heated rod.


I have referred to the use of the GoldenRod Dehumidifier in a gun safe on several occasions. This no coincidence as this is, without doubt, the application for which a heated rod is most suitable.

A gun safe is often located in a cooler area of the home, a basement or a garage for example. If several guns are stored in the safe their value will be hundreds and, in many cases, thousands of dollars. Ideally the relative humidity should be no higher than 40% to protect steel items from any risk of corrosion.

Maintaining relative humidity of 40% throughout an entire basement, especially if it is cool, is a challenging task for any dehumidifier, as well as a costly one.

Using a heated rod is a very low cost alternative for protecting your guns and allows you to control relative humidity in the basement as a whole to a more manageable 45% to 50% while keeping your guns safe. The energy costs will be scarcely noticeable. The power draw of a GoldenRod ranges from just 8 watts, for the smallest model, up to 38 watts for the largest.

This appliance is safe, effective, economical and soundly designed. It provides an even temperature across the entire surface of the rod and the heating element occupies 95% of the rod length, more than many of its competitors. We recommend the GoldenRod Dehumidifier for a gun safe, and for other similar enclosures, without reservation.

Other applications for which the GoldenRod is recommended by the manufacturer include aircraft, boats and RVs. For these larger spaces multiple units will be needed. The GoldenRod(s) will only be effective if used while the vehicle or boat is in storage and suitably sealed. If an RV, for example, is being used the production of water vapor from everyday activities will require a dehumidifier which is removing water from the air, not simply raising the temperature a few degrees. The GoldenRod Dehumidifier would not be our first recommendation for any type of vehicle.

The GoldenRod is also recommended by the manufacturer for use in closets and other similar, enclosed storage areas. In the warmer conditions found in the living areas of the home we believe that general humidity control in the room in which the closet is located, or throughout the house as a whole, is a better way to keep the closet and its contents dry. If you have a closet which you use infrequently a closet dehumidifier may be effective. In that case a rechargeable, mini-dehumidifier would be our preferred choice.

The GoldenRod Dehumidifier offers specific advantages for storage enclosures that are located in cool areas of the home, infrequently accessed and containing high value items made from steel and wood. In addition to gun safes this might include storage cabinets for tools and other equipment that are most often located in the basement or the garage.

GoldenRod Dehumidifier Models

Goldenrod Dehumidifiers are offered in two colors and four sizes. They are UL listed and all operate from a 110 volt power supply. The approximate coverage is in cubic feet and is the manufacturer's figure. The full range is as follows.

GoldenRod Dehumidifiers in Gold with detachable plug (detachable plug is only available in Gold).

GoldenRod Gold Dehumidifier

MODEL: 1D-12 COLOR: Gold
Apprx. Coverage: 100 Cu Ft

MODEL: 3D-18 COLOR: Gold
Apprx. Coverage: 200 Cu Ft

MODEL: 5D-24 COLOR: Gold
Apprx. Coverage: 300 Cu Ft

MODEL: 7D-36 COLOR: Gold
Apprx. Coverage: 500 Cu Ft

GoldenRod Dehumidifiers in White (with standard plug).

MODEL: 1W-12 COLOR: White
Apprx. Coverage: 100 Cu Ft

MODEL: 3W-18 COLOR: White
Apprx. Coverage: 200 Cu Ft

MODEL: 5W-24 COLOR: White
CORD LENGTH: 10 feet
Apprx. Coverage: 300 Cu Ft

MODEL: 7W-36 COLOR: White
CORD LENGTH: 10 feet
Apprx. Coverage: 500 Cu Ft

Recently introduced is the "Gunsaver" range of GoldenRod Dehumidifiers for Gun Safes, in Black at a reduced price.

GoldenRod Gunsaver Dehumidifier

MODEL: 1GS-12 COLOR: Black
CORD LENGTH: 10 feet

MODEL: 3GS-18 COLOR: Black
CORD LENGTH: 10 feet

GoldenRod Dehumidifier

Heated rods are ideal for enclosed storage containers such as gun safes and tool cabinets, particularly where the container is kept in a cool area. This type of dehumidifier is less suitable for larger areas, such as rooms within the home, vehicles and boats. If you are looking for a dehumidifier for your gun safe or a tool storage cabinet the heated rod type is ideal. Of the various brands on the market the GoldenRod Dehumidifier is undoubtedly among the best.

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