Eva Dry Dehumidifier Reviews

An Eva Dry Dehumidifier is a mini dehumidifier. There are two types, the rechargeable and the thermo-electric; Eva Dry markets both types. We recommend rechargeable models as the best type for closets and other, small enclosed spaces. Our reviews of thermo-electric units are more critical and the Eva Dry models do not escape this criticism.

For a more complete explanation of our reservations about thermo-electric models you may wish to read this article. You may also find our comments about the different types of small dehumidifier helpful.

Eva Dry Dehumidifier Models (Rechargeable)

There are currently four rechargeable units in the Eva Dry Dehumidifier range. These units are the Eva Dry E-333 and the Eva Dry E-500, plus two variants of the E-500, the EH-500F and the E-500RT.

The common features of all four units are as follows:

  • The rechargeable Eva Dry Dehumidifier consists of a small plastic case which can be placed in a drawer or hung in a closet.

  • The case contains silica gel crystals which are water absorbent. There are no moving parts.

  • There is an indicator window in the unit. When the Eva Dry Dehumidifier is saturated the crystals in the window turn from blue to pink. This typically happens within 20-30 days for the E-333 and 30-60 days for the E-500 and its variants.

  • When the unit is saturated it is "recharged" by passing an electric current through the unit. This requires the Eva Dry Dehumidifier to be attached to an electric socket, for 10-12 hours for the E-333 and 12-14 hours for the E-500. No power supply is required at other times.

  • All the Eva Dry rechargeable models will feel a little warm while recharging. The recharging should be done in a well ventilated room or a room with an air exhaust fan.

  • Eva Dry rechargeable units have a working life of up to ten years

Eva Dry E-333

The Eva Dry E-333 is a low capacity unit capable of removing a few ounces of water from the air over a 20 to 30 day period. It is recommended by the manufacturer for cabinets, safes and closets and in such small, enclosed spaces it will be reasonably effective.

Eva Dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier

The manufacturer suggests that this Eva Dry Dehumidifier is suitable for enclosures with a maximum volume of 333 cubic feet. In our view the unit will only be effective in a space this large if most of that space is occupied by stored items, such as clothes in a closet. While we recommend this type for closets and drawers its water absorption capacity is such that it is only likely to be effective if the volume of air in the enclosure is very small.

Eva Dry E-500

The Eva Dry E-500 has a 50% higher capacity than the E-333 and will control relative humidity in correspondingly larger areas. Nevertheless its capacity is still very small in absolute terms. It is recommended by the manufacturer for safes and closets, for which we believe it is suitable, and also for boats and RVs.

Eva Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier

We express the same reservations about the E-500 as the E-333. It will be effective in an enclosed storage enclosure if it is reasonably full with stored items and will work equally well in a closet in an RV or a locker on a boat. We do not believe, however, that it will be sufficient for controlling the humidity throughout an entire boat or RV.

The two variants of the Eva Dry E-500 have the same performance and technical capabilities as the E-500 but differ aesthetically from the basic model.

Eva Dry EH-500F

The Eva Dry E-500F provides two additional features.

Eva Dry EH-500F Mini Dehumidifier

  • Insertable fragrance packs, with two packs supplied with the unit. The fragrance pack needs replacement every 30-60 days and should be removed while recharging the unit.

  • An "easy-mount bracket for discreet installation".

Eva Dry E-500RT

Eva Dry E-500RT Mini Dehumidifier

This is an Eva Dry E-500 featuring what is described as a "RealTree Camo Design". This will certainly ensure that the unit blends in with the hunting gear in your closet and will give your dehumidifier a head start if it chooses to enlist in the Marine Corps :).

Eva Dry Dehumidifier Models (Thermo-Electric)

The Eva Dry thermo-electric range includes two models, the EDV-1100 and the EDV-2200. These appliances operate using a very different technology from the rechargeable units in the Eva Dry Dehumidifier range.

Outwardly these two units look like miniature portables. They have the same overall configuration, have a water collection bucket and a fan to draw in and push out the air. Here their resemblance to more familar models ends.

Unlike the rechargeable Eva Dry Dehumidifiers these units do not absorb water; they condense water vapor from the air. Unlike a conventional refrigerant model, such as a Frigidaire, they do not have a compressor or refrigeration coils. In place of the usual refrigeration unit they use a Peltier heat pump.

The heat pump exploits the "Peltier effect". Passing an electric charge through a component, consisting of two different materials layered together, transfers heat from one side to the other, cooling one side and warming the other. Water vapor, of course, condenses on the cool side.

This technology is useful in some specialized commercial and military applications and is used for small cooling containers sold to consumers. Its use in dehumidifiers allows very small units to be designed which are quieter than conventional models, although not silent.

The disadvantages of thermo-electric units are their very low water extraction capacity and very poor energy efficiency. Unlike a rechargeable model they require a permanent power supply from a standard electric socket so need to have a power cable attached while in use.

Eva Dry EDV-1100

This Eva Dry Dehumidifier is rated by the manufacturers as suitable for enclosures with a total volume of up to 1100 cubic feet. This equates to a room of around 12ft x 12ft, a bedroom maybe. 12 x 12 =144. 144 x 7.5 (ceiling height) = 1080 cubic feet.

Eva Dry EDV-1100 Mini Dehumidifier

The water extraction rate of this unit is 8oz per day at 86°F and 80% relative humidity. At AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) testing conditions of 80°F and 60% that rate would be approximately halved to 4oz per day. 4oz is one quarter of one pint(US).

Let us consider two facts.

  • The average person exhales a pint of water per day while at rest. She may be assumed to exhale at least one third of a pint while occupying her bedroom.

  • The Frigidaire 70 pint portable model is rated by the manufacturer as suitable for a room with a floor area of up to 1400 square feet. If we multiply 1400 by the same assumed ceiling height of 7.5 feet we arrive at a volume of 10,500 cubic feet, approximately 10 times that claimed for the Eva Dry EDV-1100. The Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier has a water extraction capacity 280 times greater than the EDV-100.

You may draw your own conclusions from these facts but the one I draw is that the Eva Dry EDV-1100 would be, to say the least, "challenged" by the task of controlling humidity in a space of 1100 cubic feet.

The EDV-1100 is small, 6"W x 4-1/2"D x 8-1/2"H. It has a water collection container with a capacity of one pint and consumes 22.5 watts of power.

Eva Dry EDV-2200

Eva Dry EDV-2200 Mini Dehumidifier

The Eva Dry EDV-2200 is larger and has a higher water extraction capacity. It is rated by Eva Dry as suitable for an enclosure with a volume of 2200 cubic feet, has a water extraction capacity of 22.5oz per day (11.25oz at AHAM) and measures 8-3/4"W x 6-1/2"D x 14"H. Its power consumption is 72 watts and the bucket holds about four pints. The same reservations about water extraction capacity apply as to the smaller model.

Our Recommendations

We are happy to recommend Eva Dry Dehumidifiers in the rechargeable range. They are entirely suitable for drawers, closets, safes and similar small storage enclosures. More than one Eva Dry Dehumidifier may be needed for larger storage areas and these units will be most effective if the stored items occupy most of the space within the enclosure.

We do not generally recommend Eva Dry Dehumidifiers in the thermo-electric range. These units are competent within their limitations but those limitations make them unsuitable for use other than in small enclosed storage areas. For this purpose the Eva Dry Dehumidifier is relatively expensive to buy and to run, a little too large, makes some noise and requires a permanently attached power cable, which can be inconvenient in areas such as closets.

These comments would be applied to any thermo-electric model currently on the market and are not specifically directed at the Eva Dry Dehumidifier range.

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