Remington Dehumidifier Review

  • The Remington Dehumidifier is a rechargeable appliance, marketed by one of the USA's leading firearms manufacturers, for use in a gun safe to protect the steel and wooden parts of guns from moisture damage.

  • We recommend this, and other rechargeable mini-dehumidifier models, as among the best types for use in gun safes, tool cabinets, closets and other small, enclosed storage areas.

  • This type is also suitable for use in a car but we do not recommend it for use in larger vehicles, such as an RV.

The Remington Range

The range consists of two models; the 365 and the 500. The two models are identical to the Eva Dry E-333 and the Eva Dry E-500 respectively and are, in effect, the same units. For this reason I shall not repeat the descriptions of each model here but recommend that you take a look at this page for full details.

In brief, a rechargeable mini-dehumidifier consists of a plastic case containing water absorbing silica gel crystals. It has no moving parts, is silent, clean, safe and eco-friendly and is the best type for use in small enclosed areas of the home such as closets. It is also effective in a gun safe although, if your safe is located in a cool area of your home such as a garage or basement, you may also wish to consider a heated rod device such as this.

When the water absorbing crystals are saturated an indicator window changes color from blue to pink. The appliance should then be recharged, in much the same way as you recharge your cell phone. This process takes from 10 to 14 hours and needs to be repeated every few weeks. A rechargeable unit should give up to ten years trouble free service.

Your choice between the Eva Dry and Remington brands will be a matter of convenience, price and personal preference. There is no discernible difference between the two and we do not distinguish between them in making our recommendations.

The significant point here is that the Remington is marketed for gun safes by a respected manufacturer of firearms. It seems unlikely that Remington would do so unless the company believed that humidity control for firearms is necessary and that this device is a suitable choice for a gun safe.

That is our reason for bringing Remington products to your attention even though they are effectively identical to other units on the market

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