Crosley Dehumidifier Review

The Crosley Dehumidifier range includes three portable models manufactured by Frigidaire to their existing designs and sold under the Crosley label. I shall not describe these models in detail on this page as there are existing reviews of Frigidaire units on this site which you can read by clicking "Frigidaire" on the vertical navigation bar on the left hand side of this page.

As we give our recommendation to Frigidaire models, which we consider one of the best dehumidifier brands, we have no hesitation in recommending these re-labelled units with equal confidence. The choice you make between the two labels will probably depend mainly on price but technically they are identical. The purpose of this page is to remove any confusion in our visitors' minds concerning what you may be buying if you choose one of these models.

Who or What is Crosley?

It is both a "who" and a "what". The late Powel Crosley, Jr. (1886-1961) was a pioneering entrepreneur in the best traditions of the USA. He was dedicated to bringing affordably priced products within reach of the ordinary working family and one of his long cherished, but ultimately unrealised, goals was a small and economical automobile for the masses. Perhaps if he had been born several decades later his ideas about low gas consumption cars might have made him a fortune.

In many other areas he was spectacularly successful and was an early producer of affordable radio sets and by 1924 the Crosley Radio Corporation was the biggest producer in the World. During Word War 2 his company switched to war production and was a leading supplier of proximity fuses, one of the key war-winning devices of that era.

The Crosley brand ceased to exist in 1956 but this iconic name has since been purchased and resurrected by the Crosley Corporation, a group of independently owned wholesalers. This non-profit organization sources appliances from major manufacturers and re-labels them in its own name. These are then supplied to over 3000 independent distributors and retailers to provide them with products bearing a distinctive and recognisable brand they could otherwise not acquire.

The "what" is therefore the brand and the high quality customer service standards associated with it. Many will applaud the effort to uphold the tradition of the independent local store in the face of fierce competition from the national chains and may pick the re-branded dehumidifier for that reason alone. For others, as I said at the beginning, price may be the guide but I can say these are sound products and we can recommend the Crosley dehumidifier without hesitation.

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