Eco Air DD122FW MK3

by George
(High Wycombe, Bucks)

We use dehumidifiers to control house dust mites and require RH below 50%. The DD122FW has no humidity control as such so you just have to leave it running and this gets expensive.

Also it emits the most awful smell, apparently nothing to be concerned about as the manufacturers say it's 'normal!'

For most living accomodation useage this machine is not as effcient as a comparable compressor model. Our old GE20Dry extracts more than double this machine can manage... And it's cheaper to run!

No. The DD122FW MK3 (badge engineered by lots of different brands) should be left for colder applications where perhaps it is more effective, perhaps cellars and boats etc.

My advice: leave well alone and buy a decent compressor model.

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Frigidaire Dehumidifier-FAD704DUD Drainage Problem

by Anon.

I have read numerous complaints about a design flaw that prevents it from draining outside with a hose. (Read the comments on Frigidaire website and Wal-Mart.) Some say that the company will provide a kit to correct the problem, but I do not know how well this works and do not know if they will make a new model to correct this.

Does the fan run continuously? None of the literature mentions this.


Webmaster's comment.

There is a flaw in the design of the Frigidaire FAD704DUD and FAD504DUD which prevents the continuous drainage from operating unless the appliance is tilted slightly backward. This is referred to in our reviews of both models.

The drain kit you refer to is being issued free of charge by Frigidaire and may be obtained by calling their customer service number:

1 (800) 374-4432 Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (EST).

The kit is now being included with the dehumidifier so the necessity to call customer service will be restricted to those whose purchase came from batches supplied to retailers before this problem came to light.

Like you I do not yet know how well this kit works and am awaiting reactions from those who have used it.

The fan on this model does not run continuously. Once the programmed level of relative humidity is reached the compressor, of course, shuts off. The fan will continue to run for several minutes to dry the coils but will then shut down. The exact length of time the fan will continue to run depends on the particular settings selected on the appliance.

You submitted another contribution yesterday which reads:

"Have you read the dozens and dozens of comments on Lowe's website and on the Frigidaire website? It is frightening to read the horrible experiences people have had with the units and with trying, totally unsuccessfully, to get service. The ONLY satisfied customers are those who have only used the product a SHORT time.

How can you recommend this brand with so many negative comments, on these 2 websites and from dozens of others?"

As the two contributions are connected I felt it would appropriate to deal with them together.

I have read the reviews on the web sites of both Lowes and Frigidaire. The principal complaint is about the drainage problem, which is referred to in our reviews. There are also reports of users having some difficulty with the automated menu that they have to negotiate to obtain the drainage kit, a problem by no means restricted to Frigidaire.

Negative reviews are written about all models of dehumidifier and a balanced view has to be taken about customer reactions as a whole. The current complaints are overwhelmingly about the drainage issue which, hopefully, has now been overcome. In every other respect, effectiveness, ease of use, noise level etc. the large majority of users report high levels of satisfaction.

We are running an ongoing survey on this site to allow visitors to vote for their preferred model from the five portable dehumidifiers we recommend. As of today the proportions of votes for each brand are as follows:

Alen: 12.5%

Danby: 27.5%

Frigidaire: 35.0%

GE: 17.5%

Winix: 7.5%

No dehumidifier is flawless but it appears that a majority of our visitors prefer the Frigidaire at present.

Tom (Webmaster)

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Haier 45 Pint Dehumidifier DE45EJ

by Mike S

Just bought this unit last night, but so far it seems to be a well designed appliance. Easy to use controls, quiet operation, and I really like the large capacity of the bucket. Will probably add a drain hose to eliminate having to empty the bucket

Found it on sale at HH GREGG for $159.99

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Sunpentown-Model SD 65E

by Dell
(Charlottesville, VA)

I have owned 5 different brands of dehumidifiers in 6 years and none lasted more than 1 year and, so far, it has been impossible to get them repaired at reasonable cost, whether under warranty or not. Most require the owner to send or take the dehumidifier to the dealer at their own expense, even under warranty.

I live in a 100,000 population town and no one will repair them. Most say they are disposable like a toothbrush.

I now have a SPT 65 pint because I wanted one that did not have a continuously running fan because ALL are noisy. But, it cycles every few minutes regardless of room (use in house, not basement) humidity, which is as annoying as having a fan run continuously.

I somewhat solved problem by buying an outlet timer (like lamp timer) and set it to run 1 hour and off 2 hours. This has worked in keeping humidity to my desired 50%.

Almost all work fine for a few months, but NONE have longevity like a refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, etc. WHY??

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