Small Dehumidifiers with ability to attach a hose to drain the water

by Carl
(New Jersey)

We used to use Windchaser MDHTi-W dehumidifiers because they were a small size and had a drain to attach to a hose.

I think windchaser is out of business, but do you recommend a similar inexpensive brand for our purpose. They are used in a commercial application next to machines in a small confined area that need to be kept dry.


Hi Carl and thank you for your question.

The Windchaser MDHTi-W is a thermo-electric mini dehumidifier and there are a couple of equivalent models you may wish to consider.

The Sunpentown SD-652 is technically similar but has a distinctly different appearance. The SD-652 can be set up for continuous drainage. This model is currently available at at $60.04.

The Eva-Dry EDV-2200 also uses similar technology and has an equivalent water extraction rate. The EDV-2200 is not rigged for continuous drainage. This model is also currently available from at $81.39.

I do not encourage our visitors to buy thermo-electric mini dehumidifiers as I believe they are "over-sold" and are not suitable for many of the needs expressed by our visitors but the Windchaser MDHTi-W has worked for you and these two are near equivalents.

If you have looked round our site you will notice that there are some links to through which our visitors can buy dehumidifiers we recommend and we do receive an affiliate fee if purchases are made by visitors who follow these links.

Our site does not include links to either of these two dehumidifiers and, should you decide to purchase, we shall not benefit financially from that transaction. The two url's above are provided purely for your convenience and if you can find the models a little cheaper elsewhere you should, of course, take advantage and save money.

I hope this is helpful.

Tom (Webmaster)

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