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Feb 15, 2014
Deicer Thermostat
by: Anonymous

I just had the same problem. My dehumidifier would constantly cycle. The compressor would run for a couple minutes then stop for another couple minutes. I was concerned that I would damage the compressor if this continued. I analyzed the overload protector and humidistat. All were fine. I also noticed that the deicer thermostat was rusted to the coil. I gently removed the thermostat and tested it in a glass of ice. It worked fine - after a minute or so it would click off. I cleaned the thermocouple and reinstalled the thermostat onto the coil but I left about an 1/8 space between the thermocouple and the coil. Now my dehumidifier works fine and it does not cycle any more.

May 11, 2013
Move sensor location
by: Anonymous

The Frigidaire is the 2nd unit I've had to re-locate the sensor. My other unit was a Danby. Both sensors located directly above coils and water collection an enclosed area! Very damp! The units therefore begin to measure high levels of humidity as soon as units turn off. Moving the sensor to outside the unit works perfectly. Really astounding that the units are sold with such a major design flaw.

Jul 31, 2011
by: Delano

Alas, the performance of these appliances only gets worse and worse. I use one on the first floor of my home, which has approximately 800 sq. ft. I always buy the largest home model--65-70 pints. In the past 6 years have had a Maytag, Fedder, Edgestar, Danby and now a Sunpentown (SPT). All fail within 18 months, several sooner. It is impossible to get them repaired, even when under warranty, for the cost comes close to a new product (add freight costs, labor, etc. even is parts are covered). All seem to run on these short cycles, which worries me because of electricity costs and wear and tear on unit. Most have fans that run continuously, not just when compressor is on. Not needed when a heat pump or other unit has a continuous fan on, I believe. Just continual noise. I would gladly pay much more for a unit if there was one dependable, quiet, with all features desired--like hose attachment in back and intake and exhaust vents on front and top, filter removal without removing water bucket. We keep our fairly new heat pump a/c at 74 degrees, yet must have more dehumidification to prevent mold and mildew growing. CAN'T ANYONE MAKE A GOOD DEHUMIDIFIER????? Washers, dryers, a/c, refrigerators, etc.--all last many years. What is wrong with dehumidifier manufacturers.

Jul 17, 2011
Easy solution to short cycle problem
by: Anonymous

I have solved the problem! I plugged the dehumidifier into an appliance timer and have it set to run for 2 hours, shut off for 6, run for 2, etc. I found that with the unit off for 8 hours the humidity in the basement only rises 2 percent. Without the timer, the humidifier would have cycled 4 times per hour or 32 times! (The humidifier is in the basement which gets a little humid (66%) but never wet or damp and the temp is 70degrees.) Using the timer I am easily able to keep the humidity in a range of 50-52 percent.)

Because the Frigidaire unit I have resumes operation after a power failure at its previous settings, using a timer is no problem. But because the timer cuts power to the dehumidifier and simulates a power failure, this solution won't work on those dehumidifiers that do not automatically restart after a power failure.

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