Santa Fe Classic
Dehumidifier Review

The Santa Fe Classic is one of the best models for any large basement with a serious damp problem. It scores highly for both effectiveness and life-time cost while consumer reviews of this product are consistently positive. I can recommend this model wholeheartedly to our visitors.

The Classic is not cheap to buy at well over $1,000. Many people hesitate to make this kind of investment for understandable reasons. They look for cheaper solutions, spend hundreds of dollars, discover they don't work and then invest in a Santa Fe. Read reviews on any site, you will see this story repeated time and time again.

The Classic will last much longer than a portable and is much more energy efficient. It is also more effective, particularly in cooler basements. It is for these reasons that, over its life time, the Santa Fe Classic has proven to be a cheaper solution to basement humidity problems than a succession of short-lived portable models.

A key factor in the Classic’s exceptionally low energy consumption is pre-cooling of the incoming air. The cooled air that has passed over the evaporator coil is used to cool the incoming air before it flows in turn over the cold evaporator coil. This reduces the power requirement of the refrigeration system, effectively recycling what would otherwise be wasted energy.


  • Low maintenance - simply check and clean the air filter regularly and replace every six months.

  • Simple installation - the Classic is ready to go straight out of the box. Attach the hose, plug into a power socket and switch on.

  • Robust and intuitive manual controls.

  • Adjustable humidistat – more accurate those found in portable units with settings from 20-80% relative humidity.

  • Casters – the Santa Fe Classic weighs twice as much as a 70 pint portable but casters on the base allow easy movement across level floors.

  • Auto-defrost system – allows effective operation at temperatures as low as 56°F.

  • Low energy costs – the Classic extracts nearly 50% more moisture than a large portable for each energy dollar spent.

  • Auto-restart – if power is interrupted the Classic will re-start, at the last programmed settings, as soon as power is restored.

  • Continuous drainage – the condensate may be discharged to any convenient outlet. An optional condensate pump is available at additional cost.

  • Ducted operation – unlike a portable the Santa Fe Classic will accept ducting to improve air circulation in large areas or to operate across two or more separate rooms. A ducting kit is available for separate purchase.

  • Superior air filtration – a MERV-11 air filter is installed which can capture particles sized between 1 and 3 microns.

  • Minimal maintenance – the air filter should be cleaned regularly and replaced every 6-12 months. That’s it.


  • Model Number – 4029700

  • Water Extraction Rate - 110 pints per day at 80°F/60%RH (AHAM) (220 pints per day at saturation)

  • Height - 36"

  • Width - 20"

  • Depth - 17"

  • Weight - 110lbs

  • Operating Temperature Range - 56°F (13°C) to 95°F (35°C)

  • Air-Flow Volume - 275 CFM (467 m3 per hour)

  • Fan speeds – 1 (runs only when compressor is operating)

  • Maximum room size - 2500 square feet (232 m2)

  • Noise Output - 62 dB

  • Power Requirement - 6.4 Amps/115 Volts/720 Watts

  • Energy Star Qualified - Yes

  • Energy Factor - 2.65 L/kWh

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty - 1yr parts and labor + 4yrs on sealed refrigeration system


The Santa Fe Classic is ideal for a large basement, particularly if it is on the cool side. Although it will be effective in a crawl space a purpose designed unit, such as the Santa Fe Advance, would be a better choice due to its lower height.

Consumer Reactions

As with all Santa Fe Dehumidifiers comments from consumers in reviews are extremely positive. This unit is reported to be remarkably effective, reducing high humidity levels in large basements quickly and effectively controlling the humidity thereafter.

Reviewers find the Classic to be far more effective than the portable models they have used previously, to be much more robust and durable and considerably more energy efficient.

Users find the Classic easy to set up and the optional condensate pump and ducting kit are also reported to be simple to install. The uncomplicated controls are welcomed by many and the appliance is straightforward to operate.

The high build quality of the Classic is repeatedly mentioned in consumer reviews. Customers who have inspected the inside of the unit are very positive about the size and strength of the components, which are manufactured to commercial standards.

Comments about noise levels vary. Some find the Classic remarkably quiet, "...quieter than my Kenmore 70 Pint..." for example. Others find the Classic quite noisy inside the basement although report that it is inaudible elsewhere in the house.

The initial expense of this model has deterred some users but repeated purchases of short-lived and relatively ineffective portables have finally convinced them to invest in a Santa Fe Classic. One typical comment is, "Expensive, you bet, but I would buy another if I needed it at twice the price".

My Recommendation

In my view the Classic is yet another outstanding product in the impressive Santa Fe range. It combines high build quality, durability, effectiveness, ease of use and outstanding energy efficiency in a package that while expensive in absolute terms represents excellent value for money.

On the value for money and effectiveness arguments alone I can do nothing else but recommend the Santa Fe Classic Basement Dehumidifier to our visitors without reservation.

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