April Aire 1750A Dehumidier Review - "..the result was amazing."

by Ray Miller
(Peterborough. Ontario, Canada)

I was having serious problems with condensation on windows especially the sliding doors. On cold nights water would run down into the door rails and freeze, (I live in Peterborough Ontario Canada) so there were many cold nights.

I purchased an AprilAire 1750A and had it installed in the HVAC duct work. There was an immediate response. Within a few days the condensation disappeared, the cupping of the hardwood floors started to uncup, and the result was amazing.

Just set it and it maintains the level on its own completely. It is not noisy either. It was wired to the HVAC fan but I found it works much better on it's own.

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Sanidry model CSB

by Keith
(Charlotte NC)

I advise staying away from Sanidry

The blower motor went out on my model CSB. I am very dissatisfied for two reasons.

First, the motor should have never gone out in the first place. It is obvious that the motor is an inferior part, probably imported from a cheap supplier overseas.

Secondly, I can't find a replacement part. No one is able to cross reference the motor part number and i have yet to figure out how to get support from Sanidry themselves.

Stay away from Sanidry

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Aug 21, 2018
SaniDry CX NEW
by: Pat

Keith, I agree.. SaniDry is an inferior product. I have my CX model 5 years and the compressor stopped working. I contacted the installer, ITG, and the supplier, Basement Systems. Both were not helpful in finding me a repair tech in my area. ITG couldn't come out for almost over a month. Basement Systems told me they couldn't help me. It was ITGs problem. Very dissatisfied with SaniDry. It should have lasted longer than 5 years. I could have used a small portable for ten years and incurred the price of this model SaniDry.

May 13, 2017
Sani Dry CSB Is A Great Dehumidifier NEW
by: John

We owned a "Sani-Dry CSB" Dehumidifier for almost eleven (11) years. This unit functioned flawlessly under our home in the crawl space for the entire time. This past week, water stopped coming out of the drain and the problem was traced to the compressor which failed. This older unit has R-22 freon so we will be replacing it with a newer/updated model from "Therma-Stor" which makes all these units. Our thanks to the "Therma-Stor" for making such a great unit that lasted us all these years!

Jun 17, 2014
Commercial Dehumidifiers NEW
by: HarrySen

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