Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier Review

The Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier is a new commercial unit from one of the world's leading manufacturers. Could this be the best dehumidifier for your cold basement?


The Ebac CD85 is a medium capacity commercial/industrial unit designed for use in areas in which employees work or where customers and visitors receive services from commercial and public sector providers.

The CD85 is not designed for the most extreme conditions which may be found in some organizations but has the capacity to operate effectively across a range of temperatures, from 33 to 95°F.

This operating temperature range makes the Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier suitable for use in a storage area, for example, which is unheated at night during cold winters yet too warm for personal comfort during the summer months.

This operating temperature range also fits the CD85 for use in a basement or crawl space in which the temperature may fall beneath the limit for a typical basement model.

The unit is robust and durable and comes from a respected manufacturer with an impressive track record for manufacturing sound and effective products.

A particularly useful feature of the CD85's design is the flexibility to configure the inlet and outlet positions in four distinct arrangements to optimize performance in different drying environments. I will not attempt to describe this feature in detail but if you down-load the brochure, using the link lower down this page, you will see an illustration of the four modes on page 2.

The CD85 is a quiet dehumidifier in its class with a noise output of 57dB, about the same as a 70 pint portable home dehumidifier. Rubber feet are fitted to absorb vibration and dampen noise still further which is an advantage in public areas, quiet working environments or in your basement.

The CD85 has an internal adjustable humidistat but also comes pre-wired for a remote humidistat and has an integral condensate pump for convenient disposal of the water collected by the unit.


  • Rotary compressor for energy efficiency
  • Temperature sensitive defrost control
  • Hot gas defrost system
  • Backward inclined fan for effective air circulation
  • Configurable inlet and outlet positions
  • Manual controls
  • Status indicators to show when unit is drying or defrosting
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Remote humidistat
  • Epoxy powder protective coating to steel chassis and housing
  • Integral condensate pump
  • Quick release hose coupling
  • 25' length PVC drain hose
  • Replaceable air filter
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet

Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier Specifications

  • Model Number - 10293GR-US
  • Water Extraction Rate (AHAM) - 56 ppd (120 ppd at saturation)
  • Height - 15.75"
  • Width - 23.6"
  • Depth - 13.5"
  • Weight - 75lbs.
  • Operating Temperature Range - 33°F (1°C) to 95°F (35°C)
  • Air-Flow Volume - 360 cfm (608 m3/hr)
  • Max. Room Size - 8,639 cu.ft (237 m3)
  • Noise Output - 57 dB
  • Power Requirement - 7 Amps/110 Volts/880 Watts
  • BTU/HR - 7,200
  • Refrigerant - R407C
  • Warranty - 1yr. parts and labor

Manufacturer's Information

Ebac CD85 Brochure (PDF)

Ebac CD85 Manual (PDF)


The Ebac CD85 is designed for use in commercial and industrial premises. It is suitable for medium sized areas such as those used for storage, office accommodation, computer and telecommunications equipment or customer access and services.

The CD85 will also be effective in cool basements and crawl spaces and is priced at a level, currently (Feb 2012) around $1300, which is competitive with popular basement units from manufacturers such as Therma-Stor (Santa Fe) and Aprilaire.

My Recommendations

Ebac has introduced a number of new dehumidifiers in recent months and there are one or two more in the pipeline, so watch this space!

In common with the other new arrivals there are no reviews of the Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier by customers thus far so my comments are provisional and based solely on the potential of the CD85. I will update this section when I have more information.

The CD85 appears, on paper, to offer a good deal to commercial and domestic users alike. It is keenly priced, quiet, compact and well featured and will undoubtedly attract commercial buyers, especially those who have used earlier models from Ebac.

For householders the Ebac CD85 offers little that you cannot get from a typical basement model unless you live in a colder area and your basement temperature in only a few degrees above freezing at some times of the year.

If you are in this situation the CD85 is well worth a closer look and I will repeat that Ebac is a reputable supplier whose products are already widely used in basements and crawl spaces.

If you are struggling with cubic feet as a measure of area I would say that the Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier will be effective in a basement of between 1000 and 1200 square feet, depending on the degree of dampness. If you have sensitive ears you may also prefer this unit for its relatively low noise output.

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