DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier Review

DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier

  • The DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier is a more powerful model than the DES12
  • The DES14 can remove up to 14 litres of water per day from the air but retains the same compact size and light weight of the DES12.
  • The DES14 is, on paper, a little louder than the DES12 but the difference is not noticeable
  • What will be noticeable is the higher energy cost. The DES14 consumes 230 watts per hour compared with 180 watts for the DES12.
  • The DES14 will run for fewer hours per day in a given area however so the extra cost will be less than it seems.
  • The DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier is suitable for slightly larger areas or for people who prefer their dehumidifier to run for shorter periods.
  • In all other ways the DES14 is identical to the DES12, has the same features and the same strengths and weaknesses
  • In view of the weaknesses I can recommend this dehumidifier to you but with qualifications that I expand on towards the bottom of this page.


Adjustable Humidistat

With this control you can choose the humidity level you need and the dehumidifier does the rest. The DES14 will only run when humidity rises above the level you have set.

Two Drainage Options

You can let the water drip into the three litre collection bucket and empty it once or twice a day. If you prefer you can have the dehumidifier drain to a nearby outlet through the drainage hose provided. Please remember there is no pump inside the dehumidifier so make sure that the hose is running downward to your drain.


The DES14 has a very small footprint and can be located against a wall as its air vents are side mounted. This may be helpful where floor space is tight.


The DES14 has a retractable carry handle and castors and its 9kg weight is easily moved around the house when needed.


Although a little louder than the DES12 the DES14 is very quiet by dehumidifier standards with a noise output of just 40dB.

Energy Efficient

The extra water removing power comes at a higher energy cost but this dehumidifier still uses only 230 watts per hour.

Bio Silver Tech Air Filter System

This sounds good and gives a little extra protection against airborne bacteria but is of marginal benefit. If you are sensitive to airborne particles of any kind an air purifier is infinitely more effective.


Please don't be misled by this feature. It does not make this unit a low temperature dehumidifier. What it does is to protect the dehumidifier from damage caused by ice forming on the cold coils. The DES14, like most portable dehumidifiers, only works properly at normal room temperatures (above 15-18°C).

If you need a low temperature dehumidifier, in your garage for example, you could consider the Mitsubishi MJE16V with "hot gas defrost" or the desiccant DeLonghi DNC65.


Brand DeLonghi
Model DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier
Application(s) Domestic
Suitable for Medium sized areas
Portable Yes
Carrying handle Yes
Wheels/castors Yes
Weight (kg) 9.0
Dimensions mm (WxDxH) 375 x 190 x 485
Dehumidification process Refrigerant
Water extraction (32°C/80% RH) 14 litres per 24 hrs
Water container capacity (Litres) 3.0
Container full indicator Yes
Auto-power cut off when full Yes
Continuous drainage option Yes (drainage kit supplied)
Operating temperature range 2-32°C
Air Flow Volume 160 m3/hr
Auto-Defrost Yes
Electronic controls No
Adjustable humidistat Yes
Variable fan speed settings No
Timer No
Auto-restart No
Noise level 40 dB
Power Supply 230 Watts

Consumer Reactions

  • Dehumidifier reviews of the DeLonghi DES14 are largely full of praise for this model. There are some complaints however.
  • Most reviewers have used the DES14 inside their homes and have been pleased with the results. A smaller number have tried this model in cooler places where the results have been disappointing.
  • The small size of the DES14 has pleased users and the ability to site the unit flush with a wall has been useful for some.
  • Comments about noise are mixed. Some find it noisy while others are surprised by how quiet the DES14 is compared with previous dehumidifiers.
  • There are few comments about build quality but where this is mentioned the reviewers have been impressed by the "robust" and "solid" components used.
  • A common complaint is that the hose supplied for continuous drainage is not strong or rigid enough to attach easily to the dehumidifier.
  • A number of reviewers have complained that the water collection bucket is too small.
  • Some dehumidifiers were faulty when delivered, a problem that has also been reported about the DES12.

My Recommendation

  • Complaints about noise and the size of water collection buckets are made about all dehumidifier models. It is an unfortunate fact of life that a dehumidifier cannot be compact if it has a large bucket. Buyers have to decide according to their priorities. All dehumidifiers are noisy; the DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier is one of the quietest in its class.
  • The complaints about the drainage hose are more serious. If the bucket is small to keep the size of the dehumidifier down then the least you should expect is that continuous drainage should be a breeze to set up. Seems to me DeLonghi has shot itself in the foot with this one.
  • It is not surprising to me that some users have had poor results from the DES14 in cold areas. This is less a criticism of DeLonghi than of some dehumidifier sellers who have mis-sold this unit. Fortunately you will not be misled as you have already seen on this page that the DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier is not a low temperature dehumidifier.
  • Defects in dehumidifiers as delivered are not uncommon but DeLonghi seems to be a little more prone to this than some other manufacturers. To be fair the proportion of reviews of the DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier where this is mentioned is much smaller than for the DES12.
  • Overall the DeLonghi DES14 is an effective dehumidifier with some excellent features, especially for smaller homes. Its compact dimensions, light weight and relatively quiet operation are highly desirable.
  • I can confidently recommend the DES14 to you but with some reservations. I have tried to give a balanced view of its advantages and flaws. No dehumidifier is perfect but if the special features of the DeLonghi DES14 Dehumidifier are important to you it may be the right choice for your home.

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