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Jun 28, 2011
Ducting Dehumidifier
by: Anonymous

First, I want to to thank you for the valuable help you gave me concerning installing a dehumidifier in my attached garage and ducting it through the cinder block wall which is common to the crawl space under my house. This location is preferable to me for several reasons. One is that the unit I chose, Santa Fe's (Advance) would not fit through my crawl space access hole in the foundation cinder block wall. Secondly, I've had several low back surgeries and crawling around under the house, while I can do it, is not high on my list of things to do. Regular filter changes and general attention of my machine would, I felt, be better accomplished if the unit were located in a more convenient site. A trap door access through the floor was considered but an ideal location inside the house was not available. After contacting you I was confident the plan my wife and I developed was not only doable but was actually pretty good. Later when I contacted "Termastor", the manufacturer, by phone they told me that ducting was not only suitable but actually beneficial in terms of distributing the air more evenly in the crawlspace. So now even though a crawlspace contractor had told me that ducting would compromise the unit's overall efficiency, as opposed to an unducted unit placed directly into the crawlspace I've learned "it aint necessarily so". Your help is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Thanks again,

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