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Apr 26, 2013
Newer SaniDry XP
by: John Campanale

What are your comments on the SaniDry XP that is availanle now. What is it similar to? It shows now at 110/pints a day down to 40 degrees.

We'll be using it for a 1500 sq ft basement.

John Campanale
Rockvale, TN (Nashville, TN area)


The XP is manufactured by Therma-Stor and is, in all essentials, identical to their "Santa Fe Classic" model. The Classic is rated by Therma-Stor for temperatures as low as 56 deg. In view of this I would question the figure of 40 deg. quoted by Basement Systems.

This model is suitable for areas of up to 2,500 square feet so would cope easily with your 1500 square foot basement.

If you purchase the SaniDry you must do so through Basement Systems at a price which includes any work they recommend for your basement. The Classic can be bought "off the shelf" from several reputable retailers.

You will get good service from either the SaniDry XP or the Santa Fe Classic; they are the same model by different names. If you should need to claim against the warranty you will have to do so to Therma-Stor, regardless of which of the two you choose.

I hope this helps.

Feb 09, 2013
Any insight about Horizon Dehumidifiers by Air Cleaning Equipment
by: Anonymous

Trying to decide between Horizon Dehumidifiers by Air Cleaning Equipment and Sani-Dry Crawl Space Unit. Crawl space is being will unfinished basement. Advice? Air Quality? Efficiency? Thank you!

Webmaster's Response

The Horizon crawl space dehumidifier is the same unit as the Oscar Air Dri-CrawlSpace 50 pint model. I answered a closely related question about the Oscar Air model here that you may find helpful.

The Sani-Dry basement dehumidifier used to be a re-labelled Santa Fe Advance but this has now been replaced by the Sani-Dry CX. The disadvantage of any Sani-Dry model is that it can only be obtained from a "Basement Systems" outlet. The price is only available in the form of an individual quotation from Basement Systems and includes installation. This makes it difficult to assess value for money.

My advice is to select a USA built model with a good track record, either Santa Fe (Thermastor) or Aprilaire. If a model of around 50 pints is what you are looking for the 70 pint Santa Fe Compact would be the best choice.


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