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Cycles on and off Continually

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May 11, 2013
Easy Solution for Short Cycle Problem
by: Anonymous

I'm reposting this solution because short cycling it seems to be a very common problem with some newer dehumidifiers.

I have solved the problem! I plugged the dehumidifier into an appliance timer and have it set to run for 2 hours, shut off for 6, run for 2, etc. I found that with the unit off for 8 hours the humidity in the basement only rises 2 percent. Without the timer, the humidifier would have cycled 4 times per hour or 32 times! (The humidifier is in the basement which gets a little humid (66%) but never wet or damp and the temp is 70degrees.) Using the timer I am easily able to keep the humidity in a range of 50-52 percent.)

Because the Frigidaire unit I have resumes operation after a power failure at its previous settings, using a timer is no problem. But because the timer cuts power to the dehumidifier and simulates a power failure, this solution won't work on those dehumidifiers that do not automatically restart after a power failure.

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Cycles on and off Continually.

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